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Info on hotel loyalty programs

I work for Marriott Corporation in the Revenue Management discipline, and am compiling a comparison of hotel loyalty programs for our Salt Lake City cluster of properties, including recent trends in the industry. I have found a web site with comparison information, but it seems to be slightly outdated. Do you have any suggestions on obtaining current information?
I'm familiar with the web site of which you speak, and it covers many of the major lodging frequency programs. The reason, I would suggest, that the material appears outdated is because most of these programs, including the one from your organization, have seen relatively little change in components or effectiveness over the past few years. What you've found is, quite likely, the most current information available. If you do a deeper search, you may find some newer additions and modifications to these programs, some even a bit innovative, which will provide you with a bit more insight.

For more info on loyalty programs, visit http://www.colloquy.com

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