Improving end-to-end processes to help customer service

Expert Lori Bocklund explains how improving your end-to-end processes in the contact center can help you improve customer service and workflow in your center.

As the contact center manager, I am held responsible for the service we provide to our customers. However, much of what we do gets handed off to other departments for action. I lack visibility into what the other departments are doing. How can we improve the end-to-end processes and better serve our customers as a whole?


Response: Your struggle is one that many contact center managers face. You need to have visibility into the end-to-end process and create service level agreements (SLAs) with other departments. Use status reports enabled by the improved visibility to ensure other departments meet the agreed-to SLAs so that you work as one cohesive unit to provide the service your customers expect.


To achieve visibility, involve the IT department to craft a solution. IT might be able to add features to your current agent interface, or your CRM system might offer a workflow tracking component. Alternatively, there are contact center vendors that offer workflow automation and tracking tools (e.g., Interactive Intelligence, Genesys, etc.). Finally, there are Business Process Management Suites (BPMS) from vendors such as PegaSystems, Savvion, Lombardi, Appian, etc. that offer business process design, execution, and monitoring. These are enterprise solutions, but depending on the seriousness of your problem, it may be time to learn more about them.


Start by creating a project team to understand and define the problem based on the impact to your customers. Use this cross-functional team to get corporate buy-in for solving your end-to-end process visibility and execution problem.

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