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Hyperion Reporting vs. Cognos ReportNet

Paul Greenberg discusses the differences in functionality and vendor strategy between Hyperion Reporting vs. Cognos ReportNet in this expert tip.

What are the primary differences between Cognos ReportNet and Hyperion Reporting?
Ultimately, there are functional differences, but they are few and far between. It depends what kind of reports you are looking to generate.

Beyond functionality, you always have to take into account the status and stabililty of the vendor and what the future portends when you are making a vendor selection. To that end, you should be aware that Hyperion was recently acquired by Oracle for $3.3 billion, so its future is in question until Oracle clearly announces its intent. If Oracle's reputation is any indicator, Hyperion will be a different product in just a few years (in a manner of speaking). Cognos, however, is still standing on its own.

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