How will Oracle Fusion bring together Oracle CRM, Siebel CRM and PeopleSoft CRM?

Oracle's Fusion project can be confusing. Bill Band answers a question concerning what products and functionality will be maintained moving forward in this expert tip.

I've heard about Oracle Fusion, but I'm still confused about Oracle's strategy to gain CRM market share. Can you explain their strategy? Between Oracle CRM, Siebel CRM and PeopleSoft CRM, what functionality will be maintained and developed moving forward?

Oracle is pursuing a brand portfolio strategy with Oracle Fusion, in which each product group is directed to somewhat different segments of the market:

  • Siebel's new owner, Oracle, is intent on sustaining the Siebel leadership position in the CRM market. Along with Oracle's Siebel CRM for enterprise customers, the product family includes Oracle's Siebel On Demand and Oracle's Siebel CRM Professional Edition for the midmarket. The Siebel product for enterprise-class customers has achieved best-of-breed status for most CRM functionalities, with the exception of customer service and eCommerce. It also boasts good industry vertical adaptations. However, application complexity, high cost, and lengthy implementation schedules are drawbacks. The product is best suited for buyers who value advanced functionality tailored for specific industries, customer insight through strong analytics and customer data management, and the ability to support global organizations.
  • Oracle's PeopleSoft CRM product line has a significant base of loyal customers who value the integration benefits and usability of PeopleSoft's HR and ERP suite. Oracle's Applications Unlimited announcement gives those customers much-needed assurance of continued ongoing support. Oracle's PeopleSoft CRM solution offers a broad range of functionality across all of the major components of CRM, with particular strengths in sales, customer service, and analytics. It has less robust capability in marketing, field service, eCommerce, and customer data management. It integrates best with its own suite, making it well suited for existing PeopleSoft customers who need a broad-based CRM platform to build upon.
  • Oracle's E-Business Suite (EBS) CRM, a comprehensive enterprise application suite, includes a broad range of CRM capabilities. And Oracle is investing heavily in a next-generation product strategy, Fusion Applications, to fully modernize its technology architecture. The EBS CRM solution provides capabilities across all major customer-facing functionalities. It is strong in sales, field service, and partner channel management, and has the ability to scale for global deployments. Areas of relative weakness include eCommerce, customer data mangement, and a lack of industry-specific process solutions. EBS CRM is best suited for buyers committed to Oracle for platform and applications who need comprehensive multinational capabilities.

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