How to monitor quality for call center emails

Lori Bocklund offers advice on how call centers should use quality monitoring with emails and which metrics to include.

I would like to know how I can calculate the appropriate number of emails to be monitored by the quality analyst per a call center agent per day. What metrics are imperative when it comes to email monitoring?
For standard performance, you can assume the same range of quality analysis (QA) on emails as you do on phone calls. Best practices are five to 10 per rep per month. If you have performance issues, or the program is new, you may want to increase that range. Another factor that may increase the number of emails to monitor is a lack of any standards, clearly defined processes or pre-built responses.

The other side of sizing for quality email monitoring is to ensure you have enough bandwidth in the staff to conduct...

reviews so that they can complete the reviews and scoring, provide feedback, develop action plans where needed and provide ongoing support for continuous improvement. Once you set a target number of reviews, estimate the time required to complete the quality monitoring process (including time for finding the right ones to review, aborted reviews, etc.) and ensure that the reviewers can meet the demand. If not, you've got to either reset the goals or increase the reviewing pool. If you have a quality monitoring tool with email capabilities, it will add to your efficiency and the number of reviews you can complete.

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