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How to increase recognition to loyalty scheme members

How can a hotel with a massive loyalty scheme use the call center to add value and increase recognition to its loyalty scheme members?
There are several things that you can do. For example, when a high-value scheme member logs onto your Web site, you should be able to identify that person as high value. This high-value group should have the option to click on a Help button that takes them right to an agent in the contact center. The agent can respond via chat or better yet through a phone call. This will be an important option as true Voice over IP comes into reality.

The next idea is to be able to have the reservations system communicate to the contact center to alert someone to the fact that a high-value scheme member has just stayed at one of the hotels. This would give the center the opportunity to send the member an e-mail thanking them for the stay, and for elite members to call them personally to thank them and find out if there was anything that could have been done better. This is where the strategic value of the contact center comes into play. It has to be more than just answering the telephone. For this to work, however, there is going to have to be strong collaboration across the enterprise and specific integrations between departmental systems.


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