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How to foster an innovative workplace organizational culture

Read about how to make a more customer-centered and innovative workplace organizational culture, with tips on collaboration, education and the voice of the customer.

How can organizational culture of a workplace be managed to achieve high levels of innovation and customer cen...


The question assumes that all workplace cultures achieve such high levels. Only certain cultures with the right workplace management are able to achieve it. You need to set up the culture to enable several key elements:

1. Collaboration between functions. Allow different functions to collaborate easily and freely.
2. Permission to fail. Innovation means trying new things. It means failing in the process. Your culture should not just tolerate but celebrate such mistakes on the path to success.
3. Reward those who try. Special support and recognition need to be in place to celebrate those who dared.
4. Education. Provide the training to allow people to think innovatively.
5. Incorporate the voice of the customer. In everything you do, the voice of the customer must be integral, frequent and influential.
6. Access to information. Make information readily available so people can make the right decisions on behalf of the customer.

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