How to develop a new customer strategy

Find out how a new business should go about developing a new customer strategy for the first time. Learn the importance of establishing customer worth.

As a new company, what steps should we follow when developing a customer strategy?
For nearly every company, the greatest percentage of business should come from the customers we already have, but for a new company, of course, part of the challenge is developing that customer base to begin with. So, the question really becomes, are we thinking of all prospects out there, or have we defined our prospects very carefully and are we going after those customers who will not only be our customers but will be the most valuable customers we can have? If that's the case, then we want to make sure that from the very beginning we understand how much each of those customers will be worth. We want to establish how much each of those customers is worth to us now and what they will be worth in the near future and the long-term. As a new company, we want to make sure that we're focusing not just on getting customers, but on getting the very best and most valuable customers, treating them very well and understanding early on how much they'll be worth in the future, so that we know where to put our resources when it comes to dealing with them.


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