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How to choose a consultant for a CRM software upgrade

Paul Greenberg advises a reader on the criteria to use when choosing a consultant for a CRM upgrade project.

How do you suggest we find and choose a consultant for a CRM upgrade project? What criteria should we use to evaluate the consultant?
Since this is a very general question, I can only presume some things. First, since you're upgrading a specific CRM product, the consultant you choose needs to be savvy in working with products by that vendor. Second, that the CRM software consultant you're choosing is experienced and not learning their craft with you as a guinea pig -- unless you're OK with that and are given an appropriate discount. Third, that the consultant has contacts from the CRM software/services company whose upgrade path you are following -- these can prove invaluable.

Before you choose a consultant, as far as where to find them -- you can find them from Monster Board or from a more classic consulting company like BearingPoint or from a boutique consulting firm, of which there are many, though I can't specify which ones since there is a wide variety and I'm not sure exactly what kind of CRM software consulting you need.

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