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How to alert call center agents when high-value customers call

Expert Martha Rogers gives tips for alerting call center agents when high-value customers call.

How can we alert our call center agents when calls come in from high-value customers? We'd like to make agents aware that these calls are a priority. Are screenpops or something similar the best method for this?
There are several ways to alert call center agents when high-value customers call in. We can make a high-value customer's name come up a different color on the screen or we can have something that comes up on the screen that assigns high, medium or low value to a customer. One of the best and most immediate things I've ever seen is when the usual background color of the screen itself actually changes for a high-value customer. For example, American Airlines has it set up that the blue background that is normally on the screen changes to a red background when the agent is looking at a "million-miler" or a "platinum flyer." That way it is immediately obvious to the call center agent and she can't miss it. After all, that's really what we're after here, something that is easy to see, doesn't get in the way and doesn't require looking at a particular thing.

I'd like to applaud the person who asked this question because we think it's important and a good idea to make call center agents aware that these calls are a priority. It's important for agents to understand that it is not just about having a good transaction or even making a profit on the transaction. Agents should instead think about the value of the relationship with the customer and make sure that the relationship takes the highest priority in the call.

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