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How long should I spend on the quality monitoring process for each call?

Find out how long to spend on quality monitoring process for each call in your call center in this expert tip. Learn why top-tier quality monitoring (QM) software can speed up the call center quality monitoring process.

Is there a rule of thumb for how much time it takes to review and score a monitored call? For example, if a call is recorded and it lasts three minutes, is the average time to review and score the call take twice as long as the call (six minutes)?
There is no set time or standard for the length of time necessary to review and score a call, and it can vary greatly depending on your system and processes. For example, someone using a top tier quality monitoring product with a good user interface can review and score a call much faster than someone with a tape recorder (the tool for many) and an Excel spreadsheet.

A good general practice to optimize time is to design the review form and review process to follow the call flow. This enables the reviewer to "keep pace" with the call as much as possible and speeds up the review process.


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