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How is mobility changing the role of marketing?

Marketing departments are starting to help other areas of business, using their wealth of data to build better, deeper customer relationships.

The role of marketing has grown beyond what it was to enhance other areas of the business. We're seeing this because...

of the amount of information that marketing can access to help understand customer behaviors and expectations and to help the other parts of the organization understand that and act accordingly.

We all know that smartphones and tablets are being used more and more and everything that's done on these mobile devices leaves a digital footprint. Companies can use that information -- ideally to benefit their customers and prospects and not just themselves. They can take that information and marry it to CRM and ERP systems to get a much better handle on what the customer needs at the right time. That provides so many opportunities to build longer, better relationships with customers that are fact-based. That's what we hope is going on here.

Because of the growing influence of mobile data, the role of marketing is starting to expand to help other areas like sales, product development and even human resources. It's about being able to build a business with customer engagement and customer knowledge at the center. Marketing is able to provide a lot of information to help make products and services that are more in line with what customers are looking for, to help salespeople connect with customers in a more successful way, and to help HR find the right kinds of employees, who will in turn build better customer relationships.

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How involved is your marketing department in crafting the customer experience?
Inextricably. Marketing t can't afford to throw things on the wall to see what sticks. No department here can. We work closely with outside testers, review panels, opinion groups, forums, anyway we can to get user feedback before our final release.

Then we try our best to listen as much as possible. While we're always certain that our product is perfect, if THEY don't like it, we're presenting it in the wrong way. If THEY don't get it at all, we're not working hard enough to explain it. And if THEY are still unsatisfied, we need to retool our product a bit so it satisfies more.

Every department listens to feedback form the marketing department. The marketing department is listening to our customers. And if they're not satisfied, we all lose. So we listen and adjust long before it gets to that point.
Completely. I think like a customer. I then craft my messaging and deliverables to meet what I see as the needs of my audiences. To sell anything less - to provide anything less - would be ineffective and poor management. It would also be bad marketing.
The article says it simply in the headline. Mobility is the future. If you can't respond via mobile and if your online properties are not easily consumed and navigated via mobile platforms and devices, you're soon going to be dead in the water.