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How does customer service affect loyalty?

What is the relationship between customer service, provided by a contact center, and customer loyalty? Does good service improve loyalty? Thank you very much in advance for your support.
The easy answer to this question is 'perhaps'. We know that approximately 70% of what drives real customer loyalty, commitment to a product or service, comes from relationship and information-oriented elements. Customer service is an integral element of relationships; however, its direct impact on creating customer loyalty and advocacy can vary from industry to industry and company to company. It's important to note that the leveraging impact of customer service components can be determined through research modeling devices. I've attached an article detailing some of the approaches we employ for assessing customer service effectiveness. (Click here to read this article: https://searchcrm.techtarget.com/news/781095/Satisfaction-mindsets-and-metrics-Addressing-major-CRM-effectiveness-impediments

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