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How can you align customer service strategy with marketing?

As companies put customer experience at the forefront, it's never been more important to align customer service strategy with marketing tactics.

As organizations continue their laser focus on the customer experience, emphasis on the customer journey has moved to the forefront of the service world. For a superior customer journey, it is critical for the marketing and customer service organizations to be fully aligned in a customer service strategy.

Contact center agents become embarrassed and frustrated when a customer calls with a question regarding a new marketing promotion and the agent has no knowledge of the offer. This gap can translate into a poor customer experience where the customer loses confidence as the agent struggles to answer the question and, even worse, provide inaccurate information to the customer.

This issue may arise in a cross-channel communication, where a customer has done research online on a product and requires additional information before he is ready to make a purchase. The customer may initiate a chat session with a contact center agent to ask additional questions and buy the product. So, the agent has to be ready and informed to "close" the deal. Marketing and customer service organizations must work together to ensure that the correct information is available to the agent and the agent has easy access to this information.

As customers become more educated and transactions become more complicated, it is more important than ever to have a customer service strategy in which marketing and customer service organizations are closely aligned.

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How does your organization align customer service strategy with marketing strategy?
The best way I've seen this done is to build a culture where marketers and the customer service team are encouraged to regularly share victories and pain points with each other. This should happen both formally at meetings and informally with a quick screenshot of a representative case or a passing conversation in the hallway.  If the departments only hear from each other at a quarterly review or during a disaster, they come to resent working with each other.
Great comment...shows a true commitment to teamwork.
The two departments come together as you developer a solid customer success strategy. Once the company builds a solid customer onboarding strategy then this will allow both marketing and customer service align their directional roadmaps.
They move my Customer Support team from Operations to Sales...I am very interested in learning how we can support sales more in the future

We view customers, current or potential, as central to our business model. The more everyone here knows, the better we can support our customers. That makes our customers better informed and happier with us. And smarter, happier customers means better sales.
This is similar to sales and marketing. Customer service is a role that has to know the entire operation and how expectations are met across the enterprise. If the pros in #Cserv don't pay attention, they won't be armed to answer questions, resolve issues or drive additional sales and goodwill. As I said with sales and marketing, the solution or equation is communication, coordination and celebration. The order of those might change, but celebrating more sales and success should always be the result.
Great comment!!!