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How can we deliver a consistent customer experience across the company?

Get tips for delivering a consistent customer experience across an entire organization and becoming a customer-focused company in this expert tip.

We want to establish and deliver a consistent customer experience across our organization, but we're having trouble getting all departments to work together and deliver. Do you have any tips for getting everyone on board and working towards the same goal?
You are experiencing what I like to call "we are doing it already" syndrome. It is common in the customer experience business. There are two issues you ought to focus on. First, you need to develop a clear, measurable business case that demonstrates to everyone why what you are asking of them is important. Within this business case you need to illustrate, from the customer's perspective, why what they are doing now is not enough, and explain how their performance differs from what customers expect.

Next, you need to make sure that all measurements are aligned. Often, people object or resist because they have a conflicting agenda and measurement to follow. Make sure everyone is striving for the same goal and you will get performance aligned as well.

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