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How can proactive customer support improve customer experience?

A proactive approach to customer support can help build brand loyalty. But companies often overlook this opportunity-- at their own risk.

Proactive customer support can be one of the most valuable weapons in the customer service arsenal to drive customer satisfaction and reduce customer attrition.

Many companies use proactive customer support to keep customers up to date on the status of a product or service, whether the information is good or bad. For example:

  • Many companies that ship a product will proactively notify customers of the status of a shipment and provide a tracking number.
  • Many airlines will proactively notify customers if a flight is delayed or if there is a gate change.

Proactive customer service provides an opportunity to enhance the customer journey by creating a dialogue, anticipating customer needs and, at some times, staying ahead of potential issues.

While proactive customer support is growing rapidly, it could become more widespread under these conditions:

  • Companies need to look at customer interactions as an opportunity to enhance a relationship, not just as an additional cost.
  • Companies need to implement tools to allow for proactive customer support.
  • Companies need to understand how a lack of proactive service frustrates customers over time and creates disaffection; as alternatives arise, the customer may defect to another company.

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