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How can Salesforce DX help project managers and workers?

Salesforce DX has a number of features that make it a convenient platform for both project managers and developers alike, explains expert Scott Robinson.

As a development platform, Salesforce DX has more going for it than traditional environments. Its primary strength is rapid prototyping, an increasingly desirable feature in an age when software products need to get to market quickly.

Managing the development process is easier because of DX's unified approach to development asset management: source code, metadata and configuration control are all under one roof. Testing is augmented by a scratch org, an emulation tool for test automation.

In short, Salesforce DX is conceptually grounded in convenience for both project managers and developers, which works well in an environment where the products themselves tend not to be deeply complex.

Finally, managers and developers alike benefit from DX's lifecycle management features, which run end to end and include extensive automation. And to sweeten the deal, Salesforce has added a new open-API-friendly command line interface, making it easy to integrate Salesforce DX with tools the development team is already using.

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