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How can I achieve a better ROI for CRM in a faster time frame?

Read Tom Pisello's advice on why data integrity is essential for fast ROI with CRM.

How important is improving data management/data architecture processes before implementing CRM in order to achieve better ROI in a faster time frame?
In a nutshell, the CRM system will use a large amount of information regarding prospects, leads customers, and orders, and create a large amount of data as various activities are entered and logged. Data integrity is essential.

Without a good data architecture and integrity plan – what data is to be collected and integrated and how it is going to be used – the CRM solution may not prove as useful as possible, may prove unreliable, or may undergo overhauls midstream. It is important that a data management/data architecture plan be developed prior to CRM implementation and deployment in order to support the business goals, drive a customer centric implementation, and deliver a more reliable return on CRM investment.

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