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How are major companies using customer advocacy programs to reward customer loyalty?

In this tip, expert Michael Lowenstein discusses a few successful companies that have established customer advocacy programs to reward customer loyalty.

Can you give some examples of major companies who are doing a good job creating (and rewarding) loyal customers? I'm giving a presentation on customer loyalty at work and want to use some high-profile examples.
There are many major companies who are doing a good job of building and rewarding customer loyalty. Here are a few examples:

  • IKEA
  • American Express Red
  • Harley-Davidson
  • Singapore Airlines
  • Virgin Atlantic Airlines
  • Baptist Health Care
  • The Container Store
  • Target
  • Commerce Bank

    Several of the above companies are executing strong "inside-out" customer advocacy programs. For example, the profitable growth of Harley-Davidson has been largely based on the company's lifestyle appeal through Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.) clubs. New owners get their first year of membership for free, and half of the members attend Harley-Davidson events and rallies at least once per year. Another company on the list, Commerce Bank, has worked hard to build a customer-centric culture, and has developed programs (i.e. the WOW Zone) aimed at building family-based relationships.

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