How are current trends affecting marketing strategies?

Expert Lior Arussy discusses how businesses are adapting their marketing strategies to meet their customer's changing expectations.

Can you explain how advances in technology and changes in customer expectations and brand loyalty are affecting marketing strategies?
This is a broad topic so I will touch on a few aspects:

  • Timing – the Web and other technologies have made customers more impatient than ever.
  • Personalization – customers are expecting personalized offerings and will no longer tolerate a "one size fits all" approach.
  • Value definition – customers who demand the total experience have redefined the value proposition. They leave little or no room for error and they want to be satisfied at every touch point.
  • Employee actions– customers are tired of brand promises; they want to see them carried through in employee's actions.
  • Authenticity – the customer experience must be authentic.

    All these trends force marketers to rethink the way they engage and interact with their customers. More than ever before, today's marketers need to make sure that their marketing offer is fully backed by an organization that is ready to deliver on the promise.

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