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Hot fix functionality for Microsoft CRM Quick Campaigns

Learn how to use the hot fix functionality for Microsoft CRM Quick Campaigns in this tip from Richard Smith, SearchCRM.com's Using Microsoft CRM expert.

Can you tell me more about the hot fix functionality in Microsoft CRM Quick Campaigns? Is it worth installing? How will this tool help my efficiency in communicating with contacts?
The Quick Campaigns functionality enables sales reps to create a quick marketing blast to a list of contacts or leads. The process starts with the user selecting a list of records to be included in the campaign from the Microsoft Dynamics CRM view. Then, the Quick Campaign functionality operates as a wizard, prompting the user to select the type of activity to create (mail merge, phone call, or email) that can be logged in CRM. In the case of emails, the email can be sent individually to contacts.

The hot fix addresses an issue with sending the emails created by a Quick Campaign through the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Windows client. When using the Windows client, the individual emails are created as activities against the contact record, but are not sent to the contact. The hot fix ensures that the emails are automatically sent as part of the Quick Campaign wizard. Please note that this fix is not needed if you are using the Dynamics CRM Outlook client, which automatically sends the email via Outlook without any changes.

We have typically seen sales reps use the Quick Campaign functionality to make initial contact with new suspects, or for following up with existing customers or prospects later in the sales cycle. For example, a representative may get a list of names from a trade show or seminar, and can import the records into CRM. Then, using Quick Campaigns, the rep can send an introductory email and schedule a follow up call to determine the level of interest with the suspect. Other sales reps use Quick Campaigns to notify prospects and customers of special offers or pricing at the end of a month or quarter, both by emailing the special offer and by scheduling phone call activities for them to follow up with the contact.

One of our clients developed a very effective use of the Quick Campaign tool. Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides views of leads and contacts that have been neglected – e.g., not called in a specific amount of time. Based on the rating of the lead, or the status of the contact (customer vs. prospect), the executives use Quick Campaigns to schedule reminder phone activities for their reps to follow up with the contact. This saves both the sales and service teams an incredible amount of time, as compared to their previous way of managing neglected leads – email reminders to the reps when the manager had the time to review last contacted reports.

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