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Help! We need CRM training following an implementation

Looking for quality training in CRM? Paul Greenberg offers advice on CRM training programs.

We recently deployed CRM and we are looking for a quality CRM training course. Do you have any suggestions?
I feel a little funny answering this one because I'm the co-owner of a CRM training company called BPT Partners (www.bptpartners.com). We are considered the premier training company in CRM and the company is composed of major CRM industry experienced veterans and influencers who not only designed the courses, but teach them as well. The courses we teach are currently endorsed by the Rutgers University CRM Research Center, the CRM Association, Greater China CRM and CRM Guru, and several other organizations are in process of endorsing us officially.

Beyond that plug, I do need to ask you, what do you want training in? Strategy? New trends and tools and how to use them? Specific aspects of CRM such as customer value management, customer-centered change management, mapping and designing the customer experience, or more traditionally-focused CRM sales processes, like technology evaluation, marketing, contact centers or analytics? I would need to know more.

If you were looking for vendor-specific training, I would recommend contacting the company that you bought the software from. Otherwise, feel free to contact me at paul-greenberg3@comcast.net and I can help you get training through BPT Partners, or suggest another possibility.

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