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Getting a firm ROI on a customer service tracking system

What’s the best way to show ROI for implementing a customer service tracking system? Richard Snow of Ventana Research has tips about how to make the business case to upper management.

Our customers have been complaining that customer service agents are usually unable to find information and seem disorganized. How can I make a business case to management that we need to implement a customer service tracking system to help our customer service agents? How do I calculate hard ROI for this kind of purchase?

Companies need a single source of customer information that can be used by all customer-facing employees. This should be easily accessible and produce the information in the different formats needed by different users. The simplest case for investing in customer service tracking systems that can produce this information are built around increasing customer satisfaction, reducing the time it takes for agents to handle customer inquiries, and reducing the number of times the customer has to call back to get the information he or she requires. ROI is therefore based on reduced call-handling times (and thus fewer agents) and increased first call resolution rates (reducing callback-handling costs).

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