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Gaining better acceptance and adoption of CRM

Do you have any examples of how companies have launched internal marketing campaigns targeted to the various end-user groups for better acceptance and adoption of CRM?
By the nature of your question, it sounds like you have rolled out a system and few people are using it. This is a common problem with CRM projects. You need to align the end-user's functional requirements with system features and functions. If no one is using the CRM system and no pain is felt by the business, then the end-users clearly do not understand how and why they need to use the CRM application. Typically, this happens when business processes aren't well integrated with the application -- which is usually a sign of poor participation by senior management. Obviously, the end-users can accomplish their goals without using the system. So, there is little value-add to do so. Your next step should be to ask the end-users why the system isn't used and then determine if your CRM system can provide solutions to there issues. More than likely, a change in business process will be needed. However, if senior management isn't behind this, then your CRM system will likely die on the vine.

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