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From Siebel to SAP with SAP's Safe Passage program

Srini Katta, SAP CRM expert, provides details on SAP's Safe Passage program, including information on Siebel support, in this expert tip.

I read about SAP's Safe Passage program and I am wondering if you can provide some more information. We are running Siebel CRM now, and this SAP program seems appealing, but I wonder about the quality of the support we can really expect from SAP for a competitor's software. What do you think?
More than 200 customers worldwide have already taken the "Safe Passage" to SAP. SAP is currently running safe passage programs from PeopleSoft and JDE and a safe passage program from Siebel. The safe passage program allows customers running these applications to quickly extend their IT infrastructure with the SAP NetWeaver platform, which includes connectors for the old applications. Customers benefit from integration of their entire IT landscape on one open platform. They also gain the benefit of SAP NetWeaver and safe passage maintenance support by licensing mySAP ERP or any other solution in mySAP Business Suite. License terms include substantial recognition of the old software licenses, providing companies with the additional comfort of investment protection.

For this program, SAP initially targeted 2000+ customers that were currently running both SAP and PeopleSoft/JDE applications. To this end SAP acquired TomorrowNow, an experienced third-party software maintenance and support company for PeopleSoft/JDE and Siebel, in January 2005.

TomorrowNow provides the following support and maintenance services for the customers who have chosen the safe passage program:

  • Named primary support engineer for each account
  • 24 x 7 service with 30-minute response time
  • Application fixes for serious issues for 10 years
  • Tax and regulatory updates for up to 10 years
  • Update support and fixes for 10 years; and longer support periods with no mandated updates for up to 10 years

    TomorrowNow currently delivers support for Siebel 5.x, 6.x, 7.0x, 7.5x, and 7.7x applications for periods of up to 10 years, with new fixes, 24x7 availability, 30-minute response times, and up to 50 percent cost savings on annual support fees. To find out more about TomorrowNow, visit their Web site at www.tomorrownow.com.

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