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Five things to include in a customer loyalty survey

Discover the top five things a customer loyalty survey should include and learn, in general, how long customer surveys should be in this expert tip.

We're looking to create a survey that will help us measure customer loyalty – what main questions should we be asking and how long should the survey be so that we don't overwhelm people?
Any customer survey should be short enough to obtain objective information and insight from customers and long enough to provide the depth of information needed. There is no magic formula for what a customer loyalty survey should contain, but it should definitely include the following:

  • Overall perceived performance
  • Future purchase intent
  • Likelihood to recommend
  • Change in performance over time
  • Evidence of expressed, resolved and unexpressed complaints.

    Beyond that, customer surveys will typically include measures of rational/functional and emotional/relationship performance, as well as the importance attached to these measures.

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