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First call resolution

FCR - First Call Resolution or First Contact Resolution - what is the definition? Does the definition depend on the industry you're in? Do companies tout a high FCR, but then as you dig into them, the definition is completely different? What is the industry's definition of FCR?
First call/contact resolution is measured as a percent of time the contact is completed fully on the first contact. In general, there shouldn't be much variation on the definition, by industry or company. Actual one call resolution rates will vary tremendously by industry and contact type though. For example, order processing might have a high FCR, while technical support may have a low rate.

How a company actually measures it can vary greatly as well. It could be based on a CSR's accounting of the contact as completed, comparing contact records in a database, specific questions to the customer about resolution (e.g., through a customer satisfaction survey, or questions at the end of a call), or even call observations.

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