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Finding local CRM companies

I am interested in finding out if I can pull up a list of companies in a certain area in the US. For example, can I pull up a list of CRM companies that have offices in the Southeast or say in Florida.
I would venture to say that all of the major CRM vendors you might be interested in have a sales office near you. However, I caution you about using the CRM vendor's physical location as a major criteria for selecting a vendor. There are many reasons why CRM projects can fail, yet I have never heard anyone wish they had selected a vendor that was nearby. Instead, if support is your concern, ask the vendor how they will provide support to you if you happen to be located a far distance from the vendor's closest office. In most cases it simply will not matter because support will be provided via the phone or Web. If it's the travel cost for a vendor's consultants that's the concern -- negotiate. It's a buyer's market.

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