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Finding average handle time (AHT) information with reporting tools

Reporting tools can provide a range of call center metrics information, says expert Lori Bocklund, so it's best to know exactly what average handle time (AHT) data you're looking for.

For companies that operate with Symposium, where is the best source of average handle time (AHT) information -- from the application level or from the skillset level?
On any reporting tool, AHT from the application versus skill set level conveys different things about performance; there is no one "best" source, as it depends on what you are trying to understand. An application can point to multiple skills, so the AHT for an application could encompass a variety of skills. If you want to hone in on the performance of a specific skill, look at skill reports.

Beyond that, we suggest you talk to your supplier for vendor-specific questions.

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