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Finding European customer contact centers

Please tell me if you are aware of a extensive Directory/Listing of Contact/Call Centers in Europe. I greatly appreciate your help.
Obtaining a list of actual call centers in Europe (or any other major market) is very difficult. Manufacturers guard their customer interaction strategies very closely and typically don't like to reply to the type of detailed industry survey that would yield such a listing.

Your best bet is to contact a European call center consulting firm or industry analyst (Ovum, DataMonitor, etc.). Consulting firms especially should be able to help you find the information you're looking for - for a price of course.

I'm not sure if you're looking for outsourcing firms or if you're generating an RFP and are looking for references. Either way, a good consultant or analyst can assist you.

For more information, check out searchCRM's Best Web Links on Call Centers/Customer Interaction Centers and CRM Around the Globe.

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