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Exporting data from Siebel

My question involves enterprise information management (EIM), for export processes where data is exported from a Siebel application to a non-Siebel application and data is exported from the Siebel database.

Can non-Siebel application data be exported to the Siebel application? Where is the data stored in the non-Siebel application which is exported from the Siebel database?
Since I'm not a Siebel technical expert, I went to a friend of mine who is an outstanding Siebel Senior Programmer Analyst, Stella Ivanov, and I'm giving you her answer here. Take heed. She knows what she's talking about.

Ivanov: Siebel endorses a product called Informatica. It is third-party software but comes packaged with Siebel. This product allows you to load data into Siebel. Text Files, CSV, etc. are loaded into Informatica and then are mapped into the Siebel OLTP. This product is fairly easy to use -- it is all GUI and drop and drag. It can be exported into any database, text file, spreadsheet, etc.

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