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Evaluating mid-market CRM packages

Are there any key factors which would point us towards not evaluating mid-market CRM packages, instead of (or as well as) the larger scale variety? Our profile - a Retail Bank (i.e. B2C) in two administrative sites with circa 500 CRM seats, staff expansion unlikely.
For the most part, you can feel very confident evaluating mid-market CRM Packages. Although you don't explain exactly what CRM functionality you desire, given your size and growth estimates, the mid-market solutions would likely meet your needs. But, you still need to do your homework. This begins with documenting and comparing your core business and systems requirements to the mid and large-market solutions. You need to go into this discussion with some basic assumptions about your technical strategy too. Such as, what will be your system of record for customer and prospect information? How will you integrate this information with other banking systems? And, what database technology will the bank support? These questions just skim the surface of your potential requirements analysis. The point is, the more you know about your current and future needs and your business & technical direction, the more confident you can be about your final CRM vendor selection. Finally, you should look more closely at large-market products if your analysis reveals a need for multi-location installations, supporting hundreds of cross-functional users (sales, service, marketing, finance, etc.) across multiple technology platforms. If not, stay the mid-market course.

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