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Evaluating CRM packages for higher education

We are trying to evaluate CRM packages in the higher education space. Do you have any recommendations for us?

It's not entirely clear by your question if you are looking for a CRM application to be used within a higher education setting, say to manage class offerings, student body, etc., or if you need an application to manage the sales process to higher education organizations. Secondly, without knowing more details around the number of potential users, systems integrations, and other expectations, it's difficult to provide specific guidance.

Given the above, it fairly safe to say that most of the CRM solutions available today could easily be adapted to meet the fundamental requirements of either scenario. However I don't believe there are any products that are built specifically for the higher education market (excluding those designed to manage student registration, course scheduling, tuition billing, etc.).

My suggestion: Define your requirements and match your needs to the vendor that will support your deliverables, scalability needs, and integration expectations.

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