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Evaluating CRM options for the Mac

The CRM options compatible with Macs are few and far between. Expert Paul Greenberg has suggestions on how to start your search evaluating Mac CRM software.

I’m about to start with a very young start-up company that has no CRM system in place. One of my first priorities in starting the sales unit for the company is evaluating CRM options. Our needs are relatively straightforward:

  • Ability to grow from the initial two people to more than 20 over the next couple of years
  • Mac compatible
  • iPhone compatible

What kind of CRM option could you recommend?

There are none that I can recommend, that would require a Mac client, since most of them are poorly done. There are some that are promising that I haven’t seen live yet so I wouldn’t commit to that. You might be better off at evaluating the CRM option at NetSuite which has been Mac compatible from its inception. At this time, NetSuite is one of the premier CRM (and more -- lots of backend functionality available too) vendors and the only one that has a strong partnership with Apple so it can be Mac compatible. I’m not comfortable with any of the applications built for the Mac only that I’ve seen so far so I won’t recommend them. Check out NetSuite.

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The CRM options compatible with Macs are few and far between however with FileMaker Apple does allow for the SME to gain powerful option. They are however a bit more hidden than the windows counterparts