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Essential technical skills of a Data Warehouse Architect

What are the essential technical skills of a data warehouse architect?
A true data warehouse architect (DWA) must be skilled in the multiple disciplines of data warehousing such as data access, ETL and data management. Ideally, the data warehouse architect is able to backfill, or be a non-prime resource, in any of the other data warehouse positions should it be necessary. However, the most important role of the data warehouse architect is overall architecture. From a technical skills perspective, this means knowledge of the various architectures and methodologies including all of the many nuances like metadata, performance management, data quality, schema development, mart vs. data warehouse issues and a host of others. As such, the data warehouse architect constructs the direction of the program. S/he must then be able to ensure program compliance and have a flexible approach for exceptions and change. The data warehouse architect also is a main face of the program to the business and needs to have high communication, documentation and interpersonal skills. Don't forget those non-technical skills.

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