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Enterprise information vs. business intelligence portals

Can you comment on the direction of Enterprise Information Portals and BI portals and how does a company decide which best meets their needs? Are there any specific or key guidelines that help in this decision making process? Most importantly, can you recommend a good case study on business intelligence portals that use the "business intelligence integration" layer? I'm having difficulty finding case studies that have some "meat" to them.
Many enterprise portals acknowledge the importance of BI and have plug-ins for BI tools. The BI vendor offerings are rather immature at this time and I don't expect them to take the lead as enterprise portal players anytime soon. BI tools need to integrate with leading enterprise portal offerings to be successful.

Any portal strategy should heavily involve the BI team. I believe, with portals poised to take over the top method of BI access, that the efforts should be combined into a more generalized information delivery architecture approach.

As for case studies, I suggest contacting Info*Wise (www.iwise.com). They have addressed this issue many times.

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