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Entering marketing campaign data automatically in SAP CRM 4.0

Learn marketing campaign tips for SAP CRM, including how to enter leads and activity data automatically in this expert tip from Srini Katta.

We implemented a mandatory change recently that requires keying in organizational data on all activities and leads. We implemented this to restrict our operating groups to view transactions related to just their organization. Is there a way to put in organizational data automatically on all the activities and leads generated by executing a marketing campaign? Do you have any tips on how to tie in org's to these leads and activities generated by a campaign? Our platform is SAP CRM 4.0, service pack 8.
Organizational data determination helps in automatically populating the organizational data in activities and leads. In IMG, go to Customer Relationship Management --> Master Data --> Organizational Data Determination. Here you can create the organizational determination rules. You could create your rules based on the organizational model category or based on responsibility type, then create and assign an organizational data profile.

Go to Customer Relationship Management --> Master Data --> Organizational Data Determination --> Change Rules and Profiles --> Assign Organizational data profile to Transaction type. Here you can assign the organizational profile to activity or lead transaction type.

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