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Does gamification drive success in contact centers?

Gamification -- typically used to boost sales performance -- can motivate contact center agents to provide better customer service.

Gamification uses the principles of game playing to foster competition and reward performance among employees in a department. This is typically seen in sales teams, but can be applied to almost any business unit.

Gamification encourages team members to compete with one another and improve individual performance based on their knowledge of others' standings. For example, sales team members may incorporate gamification into their sales quotas by having a whiteboard displayed in their offices so team members can track performance.

When it comes to gamification in contact centers, informal initiatives have been used to efficiently resolve issues and achieve greater customer satisfaction. Transitioning to formal gamification in the contact center may include implementing a program that focuses on rewards and collaboration where agents acquire “badges” or commendations for achieving certain goals. To learn additional skills, they can contact other agents who have already achieved those specific “badges” for coaching and guidance on how to augment their careers.

Satisfying the needs of customers requires an agent support structure. First, managers must assure that the technology and tools allow agents to perform their work. Next, the contact center environment must be an enjoyable place to work, where agents can learn new skills and prove themselves. Instituting competition and a path to grow in their careers through gamification can help boost morale among agents, and helps to drive the success of the contact center.

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