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Does Siebel CRM software offer too much functionality for a small business?

The bells and whistles of Siebel CRM seem impressive, but will a small business end up paying for lots of unused functions? Read expert Bill Band's advice here.

How much of the functionality of Oracle's Siebel CRM Professional Edition do you think the average business uses? The bells and whistles seem impressive, but realistically, will we end up paying for lots of unused functions?
Oracle's Siebel CRM Professional Edition is a scaled-down version of its Siebel Enterprise Edition sold with a "pick six modules" strategy so that small and medium-size businesses (SMBs) can get just the functionality they require in an easier-to-consume, less complex package than the enterprise product.

Siebel CRM software's best-in-class functionality, strong customization capabilities, and enterprise-class integration...

tools make it a good choice for larger, more complex midmarket deployments that don't require the full breadth of the enterprise edition. The product is less of a fit for smaller deployments that may find that it provides more functionality than they really need — and requires more IT support than they can handle.

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