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Does Oracle or SAP have better field service support?

William Band provides advice on Oracle's field service support and how it compares to SAP's in this expert tip.

We're currently running SAP on the back end and want to expand into a CRM application. From the research I've been doing, I get the impression that Oracle is a better application for a business that has the majority of end users in the field. Is this true? And if so, is it possible to use Oracle's CRM application with SAP back-end systems?
Oracle has traditionally had strong field service support capability, which includes solutions to support mobile devices for sales and technicians in the field. However, the E-Business Suite supports only the Oracle database (versions 9i and 10g). Oracle's position is that the benefits to be derived from the power of the Oracle database deliver more value to customers than being "database agnostic." So using Oracle CRM applications with SAP on the back end is not a viable option.

SAP, however, has been improving its CRM product across the board. Laptops, desktops, and tablet PCs support the complete range of mobile service functionality. Key mobile service functionality is also available on handheld/PDA, smartphone, and BlackBerry devices.

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