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Does Oracle CRM integrate best with other Oracle applications?

Expert Bill Band discusses integrating Oracle CRM products with other Oracle applications in this tip.

In general, does an on-premise application like Oracle CRM tend to integrate better with ERP and legacy systems (for example, Oracle Apps) than an on-demand CRM application from a smaller, lesser known vendor would?
The short answer is yes. Oracle CRM applications that are part of an Oracle product suite (e.g. E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft) integrate most easily with their namesake ERP apps. Oracle E-Business Suite customers are attracted to the benefits of E-Business Suite CRM's ease of integration into the rest of the Oracle E-Business Suite. Similarly, companies currently using PeopleSoft products are attracted to PeopleSoft CRM for its similar integration benefits. Both products offer strong capabilities across the broad footprint of most \functionalities, including marketing, sales, service, field service and partner channel management, but are less robust for customer data management and e-commerce.

Software as a Service (SaaS) CRM applications are getting better at integration with third-party ERP applications, but that is not their strongest point. Ease of use and fast time-to-value are the key benefits of SaaS CRM applications.

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