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Developing loyalty program for golf club

I would like to know where I can find information about developing a loyalty program. I am trying to increase the number of golf rounds played per year at a golf club. I do not have a large marketing budget and I am not able to buy expensive loyalty program software.
The best loyalty programs are built on the insight you develop regarding member needs and wants, rather than a frequency marketing 'package' or loyalty software. Loyalty is all about how they allocate their recreational and entertainment dollars. Once you have the perceptions (likes/dislikes, complaints, best feature/worst feature, change in performance over time, responsiveness to potential program or process initiatives, etc.) of members, viewed in terms of where and how they spend their recreational time and money, individually and collectively and according to their level of activity, you can design your own program aimed at creating higher value for each member, and yielding more frequent playing and spending.

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