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Developing a call center metrics strategy to reward call center agent performance

Rewarding call center agent performance can really boost morale in the call center. In this expert tip, Lori Bocklund explains how a call center metrics strategy can be used to measure and reward call center agent performance.

We would like to designate a "call center agent of the month," but we are not sure how we should come to this conclusion fairly. We evaluate our call center agents every day based on calls answered and average handle time (AHT), but I'm not sure if this is the best way to go about it. What is your opinion?
Ideally, you should base any "call center agent of the month" award on an overall call center metrics strategy. A metrics strategy should have a balance of productivity, quality, customer satisfaction and financial measures, and be aligned with your business goals. The things you hold call center agents accountable for should be the ones they impact the most – such as quality, schedule adherence and customer satisfaction. Also, when creating call center agent goals make sure their efforts to meet the target will not have a potentially negative effect on customers. These are reasons for creating a balanced and aligned metrics strategy.

I would suggest you look at SearchCRM.com's call center metrics school and start by revisiting your metrics strategy. Once you have a balanced scorecard approach, reward the "call agent of the month" based on that overall performance.

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