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Determining first call resolution metrics for an inbound call center

One reader asks, "What level of first call resolution (FCR) should I set for an inbound center?" Read Lori Bocklund's advice in this expert tip.

I head up an airline division for an inbound call center. What level of first call resolution (FCR) should I set for my inbound center? I don't want to set something too unrealistic. I have 59 agents with approx 1700 calls per day as my structure with an abandon rate as low as 2.24% for the month gone by.

Unfortunately, there is no industry standard for first call resolution (FCR) or other metrics, and much more information is required than what is conveyed in your note. Determining the proper target for metrics requires some big picture work, and some detailed work. For example, you need to look at overall strategies and see how FCR fits into your strategic goals and accountabilities. You need to understand current performance, operations, and strengths or issues. You need to understand customer expectations for the types of calls you are handling.

Something that's very important is the nature of the calls -- how complex and diverse they are. You need to understand the tools available to the CSRs to handle the calls. And, you need to understand if the "easy" calls are being handled by self-service, or if proactive things are being done to minimize simple calls. All these factors need to be looked at to define FCR.

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