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Designing customer experience survey questions for a car dealership

Learn which key issues your customer experience survey questions should cover at a car dealership and find out if customer survey incentives are a good idea.

I work for a car dealership and we're looking to create a customer experience survey to give to customers who have recently purchased with us. What questions should we be asking to get a feel for the level of service the customers have received and how likely they are to buy from us again? Should we offer any sort of reward for completing the survey, or will that skew the results?
You are raising several issues. Let's tackle them one at a time. Regarding the questions you should be asking of customers in your customer experience survey, you need to cover three key issues:

  • The actual performance of the company during the purchase across all touch points
  • Engagement – how you connected with the customers
  • Advocacy – your customers willingness to repurchase or recommend

    The standard you choose to measurer yourself with is critical as well. Some organizations settle for a five out of 10 point scale, others will demand excellence and will consider anything below eight as a failure. Lastly, incentives do not skew results. They are used to entice people to respond. You may use incentives if you see that you are not getting sufficient results. Do one trial with incentives and one without and compare the results.

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