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Defining and delivering a great customer experience

Defining what a great customer experience is for your customers is no easy task. Lior Arussy gives tips for delivering valuable and profitable customer experiences.

How can we define what a valuable experience is for our customers and how should we use that to decide what type of customer experience we want to deliver?
Defining what a valuable customer experience is for your customers and deciding what type of experience you want to deliver involves customer input and insight. After you recognize that your customers are your partners in a mutually beneficial relationship, ask them to define their expectations of the relationship. Speak to loyal customers, prospects and even former customers to determine what works, what doesn't work and what they want from the relationship. Prioritize your efforts by first focusing on the issues of greatest importance to your most loyal (by revenue or profit) customers.

The type of experience you want to deliver should be profitable to your organization. Delivering an exceptional experience isn't always cheap and while your experience should always be focused on the customer, it should also be focused on improving the bottom line. After you've identified your priorities, ensure that by elevating your customer's experience you'll realize additional revenue and profit.

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