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Customer retention involves using the closest touch points -- sometimes, delivery drivers

One SearchCRM.com reader asked how to improve customer retention in fleet management. Read Lior's advice in this expert tip.

Can you offer suggestions for improving customer retention in fleet management? It seems that we have to rely on the behavior of our drivers, since the drivers of our trucks are the ones who have the most direct interaction with customers.
Your organization must embrace the role of your drivers as the "delivery on the promise" professionals, which means they are the action behind the promises and commitments made by the sales force. The first step is to recognize that their role is not just to drive a shipment from point A to point B. They are experience creators in every way that they conduct themselves: clothing, appearance, language, etc. They are the face of the company and they can help customer retention rates.

The drivers are an important touch point with the customer. That means that you need to put in place an infrastructure that supports the customer experience. The infrastructure should include training drivers about their role and how they are being perceived by the customers. It should also include incentives and motivation programs to encourage desired behavior as well as performance evaluations that do not just measure safety driving, but also how customers rank driver's behavior.

Additionally, make sure drivers wear polished uniforms and are educated on proper etiquette and behaviour.

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