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Creating incentive programs for nontraditional call center agents

We are trying to implement an incentive program for the agents of one of our product lines.
These agents do not accept incoming calls, instead they perform data processing as a result of receiving faxes, calling clients and retrieving info from clients web sites.
We are able to measure their number of transactions, accuracy, attendance, quality and timeliness. We would like to base an incentive program on more than just these factors.
Any suggestions?
It sounds like you have a good start to a "balanced" approach to performance and incentives. Some of the potential things to consider in addition to the measures you have are customer satisfaction, teamwork or contributions to the team (e.g., special projects, mentoring, identifying process improvements), financial metrics (e.g., cost per transaction), and individual development (learning and growth). Consider involving a team of agents in the definition of the incentive program - you will need to refine the factors and definitions, and put relative weights to them. It's important that people feel like they can control or contribute to what they are measured on. Participants in defining the program can also be "sales people" (or change agents) to help the program succeed across the board.

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