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Creating a bonus structure for a call center manager

How should you create a bonus structure for call center managers, and what should it be based on? Our call center expert provides some tips on compensation and bonuses for call center management.

I am in the process of hiring a new call center manager for our business. We are a company that sells diet products directly to the consumer. We do roughly $5 million a year in call center sales. I have set a salary for the manager, however I would also like to provide a "potential bonus" based on goals reached throughout the year. Do you have any recommendations on what to base this bonus on?
It's important to build an accountability model that reflects alignment of the call center operational goals with the corporate goals and business strategy. For example, if you're trying to grow the average customer value, increase overall sales, secure new customers, or upsell new or complementary products, these should be incorporated into the call center metrics. Once you define those key goals, you can build an accountability model that reflects the responsibilities of this call center manager in delivering on those goals. The bonus should be tied to those accountabilities. Of course, an important step is to ensure that the metrics can actually be measured - that you have the definitions, systems, and processes to ensure tracking and reporting.

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