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Creating Microsoft templates for Dynamics CRM with Snap tools

Expert Richard Smith offers advice to a reader on creating custom templates in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, using Microsoft's Snap add-on applications.

I am trying to build a Word template that I can use in Microsoft CRM from the Outlook client that will list all the products a client has asked about. I'd like to call this "Print quote for customer." I am using the "LineItem_Product" with a "Next Record" to display the second item on the next line. This works to some extent, but at the end I don't see all the items I need.

Do you have any tips for creating Microsoft templates?

You might be able to save yourself a lot of time and trouble by using a different tool available through Microsoft's Snap initiative. Snap includes a set of tools that make it possible to access data in Dynamics CRM through Microsoft Office, specifically Excel and Word.

You will need to download the code for Snap for Microsoft Dynamics CRM from the CodePlex Web site. Installation and advanced configuration instructions are included with the download.

Once installed, the Business Data Lookup tool enables you to look up account, contact, opportunity, quote and other data from CRM and include it in a standard Microsoft Word document. You can even attach a copy of the document back in Dynamics CRM from the Snap module.

Many of our clients have found this to be a simpler approach to creating their own custom proposal and quoting templates using Dynamics CRM. There are also merging tools options available from third party providers like MSCRM-AddOns.com and c360.com, but these include additional per user costs for each tool.

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